• Tim Krajewski

Do We Still Hate the CSPPA?

Little over a month ago the CS community was ready to go full US Capitol insurrection on the Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association. Before you say I'm being a little dramatic, remember we had some people using words like "evil" and "destroyed". Now I don't know about you, but I don't think I've ever used evil or destroyed in a normal conversation. Normally that's reserved for serious situations like stuffed-crust pizza. Fast forward to today and it seems like we've all moved on. Could to be that maybe it wasn't that much of a problem to start?

I've said it more than enough on the podcast that I don't agree with everything the CSPPA does. They are far from being the player's union we were all hoping for. We've even talked to players that have said just as much (TCR Interviews: Nifty). I believe the CSPPA was created with the best intentions, but somewhere got lost. We constantly hear it's the same orgs/players involved with decision making, and little is done to work with TOs to create a solution that works for both parties. Don't even get me started on their ranking system. It doesn't help that we get little information from within the CSPPA, seems like anytime someone reaches out for more details they're met with a hostile response or something along the lines of "you wouldn't understand".

With all that being said, I still wouldn't go anywhere near saying they or anyone involved is EVIL. You lose me with talk like that. The CSPPA needs some work, no doubt, but we can't keep saying we want what's best for players and anytime someone tries to help we immediately grab our torches and pitchforks if they do something we disagree with. Can't have it both ways, there needs to be some give and take from every side involved.

One last thing. Spare me on the "conflict of interest" argument. Conflict of interest might be esports' oldest tradition and 99% people involved are guilty of it. SirScoots has worked with TOs and could have personal vendettas, players could have issues with other teams and not care as much to help them, and Thorin works with a league and is best buds with the commissioner of said league. Sorry, but trying to use conflict of interest as a reason to "destroy" something in esports is like throwing rocks at each other in a glass house.

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