• Tim Krajewski

I Should be Watching The Big House

In a year where the Smash community has had to fight through a wave of "Me Too" incidents, pedophilia, sexual assaults, black mailing, AND a world wide pandemic, the last thing I would have thought to shutdown an event would be a cease and desist order from Nintendo. This weekend would have been the tenth Big House since 2001 and their first time to host the annual event online. Sadly, The Big House announced last month that Nintendo ordered them to shut the whole thing down.

The main reason behind the cease and desist is the use of Slippi, which is a service that allows Melee players to play online with next to no lag. Now you might be asking yourself "what's wrong with that?". Nintendo will give you some bulsh answer about "intellectual property", but we all know the truth. Nintendo hates what the pro scene has done to Smash, they tricked us for a moment when they announced their own Ultimate tournaments with items turned on.

Let us not forget this isn't the first time Nintendo tried taking their ball and go home (remember EVO 2013). This is simply a case of them being jealous that a third party has made it possible to play their games smoother than they could. It's a shame that the competitive scene has kept Smash (especially Melee) alive for longer than the game's lifespan warranted and Nintendo still doesn't show any signs of appreciation or willingness to help what is arguably the most loyal scenes in esports.

What started out as a grassroot effort for the Michigan Smash scene has turned into one of Melee's biggest tournaments of the year. It was the light at the end of the tunnel we all needed with how 2020 has gone. Nintendo can't get out of their one way and let people enjoy their games. It's petty and stupid on their part and don't deserve the Smash scene let alone any esports fanbase.

If you'd like to show support for The Big House you can purchase some merch here.

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