• Tim Krajewski

Partnering with Philly Esports

Excited to announce that TCR and Philly Esports are officially partnering up. We've known Adam for some time and have always been big fans of how he and everyone at Philly Esports are ambassadors of the game and doing it the right way. We look forward to growing the competitive scene within not only Philadelphia but across the country. Esports should be about opportunity and having fun, with TCR and Philly Esports teaming up we can't wait to see what fun opportunities will be created for players.

You'll be hearing more about Philly Esports on future episodes and they will be the official sponsors of Enews. We'll update you on they're upcoming events that you can your crew can sign up for and compete. Don't let the name fool you, most their events are held online and nationwide. You can always find their future events HERE.

Most importantly, if it weren't for Philly Esports Anuj would have been subjected to the side effects of food poisoning in a pubic restroom at the OWL Finals, but thanks to Adam we was able to enjoy them in a billionaires bathroom in the owner's suite.

Philly Esports’ Founder and CEO, Adam Nelson says, “I have known the hosts of TCR, Tim Krajewski and Anuj Bajaj, for a few years now. I have been continuously impressed by their deep wealth of knowledge about Esports and their absolute dedication to the industry. Their podcast is by far the most educational and entertaining when it comes to Esports. This partnership is the right step for us to support a company that shares the same values and passion as we do. TCR is by the far the top Esports podcast and we are proud to be partnered with them to share more Esports content with more people.”

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